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Co-op city?

From Amazon’s foiled bid for Long Island City to the chorus of critics of Hudson Yards, people are losing patience with development projects that make wealth for their developers, but offer little to the city’s longtime, and often long-suffering residents. As the development pressures that have transformed other parts of the city, and exacerbated displacement and inequality, make their way to the Bronx, is there another path to build wealth that benefits the borough? The Bronx is frequently associated with a decades-old history of disinvestment; less familiar to outsiders is a rich tradition of cooperative development and a deep contemporary network of community organizations. Here, Oksana Mironova probes the past, present, and future of cooperative economics in the Bronx, asking: When the profit-driven status quo loses its luster, what does it take to build a real alternative? Read more.

Urban Omnibus, May, 2019


The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative Continues its Regenerative Journey

A deep bench of seasoned community organizing expertise represents one of the Northwest Bronx’s principal assets.  It is one that BCDI continually draws on as it works with community organizations at the intersection of shared, sustainable wealth generation, and democratic engagement. Read more

Capital Institute: Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy, December, 2015


From Spain to the bronx: a New Weapon in the fight against income inequality

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median annual income in some Bronx neighborhoods falls below $9,000 — but the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative is working to change that number. Born in 2009, the BCDI arms itself with examples of economic democracy from as far away as Europe in the fight against income inequality in the Bronx. Read more

Dowser (archived), November, 2013