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The Bronx is a borough of hopeful contradictions.

The Bronx boasts incredible assets. It houses some of the region’s top hospitals and universities, which collectively purchase over 9 billion dollars of goods and services each year; many successful commercial corridors, including the third largest in New York City; and the Hunts Point Terminal Market, the largest food distribution center in the world. Not to mention, it is home to some of the country’s most sophisticated community-based organizations, which have fought disinvestment and secured critical policy wins for their members.

Despite this, the Bronx remains the poorest urban county in the US, a fact that reveals a structural failure of coordination. We believe the Bronx already has many of the resources it needs to address its greatest challenges, and that people of color and women can and should lead the change.


Can we use
the Bronx’s existing
assets to
end poverty?

At BCDI, we ask the question: If community members collectively owned and governed key assets in the Bronx, could we create an economy that invests in human dignity, fosters community well-being, and supports a larger movement for self-determination? With our diverse network of partners, we are proving that this is possible.

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Building a democratic, sustainable, and equitable economy means first building the infrastructure to support it.

BCDI has six major projects, the first four of which have launched or are currently in development.



The BronXchange is a marketplace that connects Bronx institutions and nonprofits with socially impactful local businesses in order to localize purchasing and build community wealth.

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Economic Democracy Learning Center

Our Economic Democracy Learning Center prepares current and future partners to participate and lead the network; cultivates a culture rooted in economic democracy principles; and advances the collective understanding and knowledge of economic democracy based on experiences in the Bronx and from around the world.

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Planning & Policy Lab

Our Planning and Policy Lab create and maintain the long-term strategy for equitable development and supportive public policy in the Bronx.

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Bronx Innovation Factory

The Bronx Innovation Factory is a center for advanced manufacturing focused on shared-wealth enterprises and innovations that make a difference in the lives of Bronx residents.

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