Planning for Economic Democracy: Information and Discussion Sessions

April 23rd and April 26th at 6pm


For decades, the Bronx has been a leader in community control and economic democracy for people of color, from housing to worker cooperatives to community gardens and credit unions. That legacy stands in direct contrast to how much of economic development practice has treated the Bronx and other communities of color in New York City: as communities lacking in knowledge, resources, or assets, and in need of outside investment and leadership. With the defeat of Amazon HQ2 as only the most recent example, neighborhoods have often made their position on top-down economic development clear. Planning practice, like the economy, is not fixed. It has always been shaped by people and power. We can create institutions that support our vision for economic democracy, that build on existing community controlled assets and creativity to create shared wealth and well-being.

BCDI is hiring for summer internships to work with us on advancing economic democracy—building shared vision, power, and wealth for people of color in the Bronx, and we want to work with you! Join us for two information sessions about our work, internships, and how planners, particularly planners of color, can support economic democracy in New York City.

[Interning at] BCDI was instrumental in helping me connect the theory of economic democracy to the world around me. I left with a stronger understanding of possibilities for change, as well as a more critical eye towards discussions around the economy’s structure. Most importantly, I now have a stronger grounding in how to talk about many of these ideas with my family, friends, and colleagues. For anybody looking to understand what economic democracy is in both theoretical and practical terms, I absolutely recommend it. —Hannah Diaz, MIT MCP ‘19

Agenda outline (both April 23rd and April 26th)

6-6:30 Arrival, food and drink

6:30-6:45 BCDI Introductions, our work and internships

6:45-8:00 Roundtable discussion, Q&A

Special guest speakers TBA for both sessions!